Sunday, December 02, 2007

Southwest to Madeira - Day 3

Today I ran out of cooking gas just as I finished cooking lunch. Normally I would switch over to my other tank but my captain refuses to let me touch it until we are underway to the Caribbean. Filling an American propane tank (with propane or butane) has been near impossible in Europe. We discovered this inconvenience upon our arrival to Ireland so I've tried to use the gas sparingly, which hasn't been easy with the cool temperatures and my daily afternoon tea ritual. But then I'll admit it's been sweet having a legitimate excuse to eat out a lot. Anyway, now I'm being forced to use our microwave convection oven that for the past 5+ years has merely been a galley decoration. Now each meal begins with me reading the operations manual... The water temperatures continue to rise. A sign to me that we're headed in the right direction - to warmer weather! The water is changing color too, more blue.
It's been a fun 3-day passage to Madeira in part because we've sailed what has been a popular explorer and trade route for hundreds of years. We also over took a square rigger (think Pirate's of the Caribbean) on a reach. We arrived in Porto Santo, the most northeastern of the Madeira islands before noon today.

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