Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dressing for Success Underwater

Along with work and sailing our usual New England waters, I have started to prepare for life outside of the US this winter. The latest word from my captain is that we are headed south - further south this time where swimming is a daily option of exercise - The Caribbean! I am currently surrounded by cruising guides and making to-do lists. We (my captain, me and our floating home) are not accustomed to hot weather living. Heck, we are barely used to 3 months of warm weather. Among my long list of things to do is stuff like stocking up on natural sunscreens & insect repellents, buying roach traps and fly strips and switching our cold weather wardrobes into one more suitable for idyllic island living.

One dreaded task item was replacing my old swim attire since both suits are on the brink of disintegration. So off I went to my favorite department store. I quickly learned the only thing worse than shopping for bathing suits is shopping for bathing suits towards the end of the swim season. After a quick browse I did not find any to my liking, which I now realize should not have been such a surprise. Round two had me pulling anything within my two-size-range that I would not be embarrassed to be seen in. All I want is to be able to snorkel or clean the bottom of my home without incident. It was slim pickings. Most suits had more dangling trinkets and light catching devices than a high-end fishing lure. No thank you. I want to watch the fish, not have them following me or nipping at me like a snack.

After countless trips to the changing rooms, success was had. The best part was crossing off this arduous task from my list.