Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Seeing Green

A good sailor tries to be environmental with every tack in life. Thoughtful and resourceful, Ideal Bite is on a mission to help the planet by helping us change our (sometimes bad) habits. They offer clever ideas that are good for you and our earth. And believe it or not, many of the suggestions are easy small steps that yield big results. Have fun and get smart by hanging out in their Tip Library. Or perhaps you have green wisdom to share?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back On The Water

For a while there I was afraid that I might need to change my blog name from Life Afloat to Landlocked! You see, with my return to Boston a strong force took hold and quickly pulled me back to the ways I had worked so hard to wean myself from. Oh yes, it has been wonderful seeing friends, visiting my favorite shops and haunts, attending museum exhibits and other special events, and having access to just about any and everything, but clearly I was (ok, still am) too weak to have returned this soon. The pull of American society (norms) and consumerism is stronger than me, and I am ashamed. I have bought numerous pieces of non-boat-appropriate clothing, shoes AND fashion conscious accessories, none of which will properly fit in my locker space when it is time for a real offshore passage. And I have returned to my lustful ways of wining and dining beyond a sailors budget just because I have had paying website gigs and access to so much. Apparently the Betty Ford Center does not handle my addiction so it is back to boat living in Rhode Island for me. I am physically removing myself from Boston and her temptations. Then I intend to pull myself together and get back to what really matters; proper provisioning, a clean boat, ready-to-wear foul weather gear, planning the next trip and blogging.