Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat?

S/V Event Horizon has been splashed at NEB. Crew is preparing for a non-stop passage to Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Estimated departure date is Nov 7th.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Change of California Dream'n

I was only just coming to terms with the hard reality of land dwelling, admittedly with the help of intensive shopping therapy, when there was a drastic change of plans.

For months, while living in hotels or with friends and family, we had pondered what to do... Do we buy in the downmarket or rent for easy fleeing? Do we move the boat to California or keep "Eve" in Rhode Island as an east coast base and sail when time allows?

We watched real estate listings and attended open houses but remained more concerned with Eve. Our home. Basically, for the past several years, our everything. Moving Eve to California was extremely expensive and a commitment to staying on the west coast. (There is so much in between yet to explore!) Consultation with numerous yacht transporters revealed that in order to safely move Eve--53' LOA and 12' HOA without the mast--from RI to CA the journey should be made by water. My captain's land profession wouldn't allow us the required time to travel under sail as preferred, and the boat making the passage without us would feel like cheating. Ok, and there is the we-don't-trust-most-people-with-her factor.

During the final days of my captain negotiating his commitment to one company, the talks focused on relocation and that is when our plan of action became clearer. We don't have a home to sell, or the usual contents to move. Yet there is a relocation package. Yes, a fixed fund towards making the pilgrimage west and setting up camp in a new territory.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Cruising Fever?

While the Event Horizon crew continues to suffer from sailing withdrawal, I have self-prescribed an ample dose of armchair sailing, usually absorbed on Fridays.

You might think this tactic is more torture than help but reading nautical blogs and sailing newsletters reminds me just how easy life is on land compared to living life afloat. Oh don't get me wrong. If given the choice, I'd be back in the cockpit faster than you could lift the sails. But for the time being, while I am a temporary land dweller, I have decided to think of this phase in my life as a working vacation--like one of those trendy volunteer holidays.

Full-time cruising is the ambition of many but a lifestyle choice that is not for everyone. I wanted the adventure that comes with cruising but (new to sailing) feared I would fail. Determination and perfectionism kept me focused on the cruising goal for 4-years before I took the plunge of becoming a full-time live-aboard. By then I had read every book available on the cruising life (sometimes twice), taken numerous courses to improve my nautical skills, spent nearly every weekend between April and November on the water, struggled to understand the science of weather, and downsized my personal belongings to fit into two large duffle bags.

Despite all my careful efforts, I was not fully prepared. Apparently few people are. A recent post on the Windtraveler blog is a mindful list towards smooth sailing. I'm keeping this list handy to read again next year before I step back onboard.