Sunday, September 30, 2007

S/V Event Horizon Position Update

9/30/2007 @ 12:00 PM(UTC)
52°46.34'N 005°51.46'W
Course 184T Speed 4.8kts
Wind 129T @ 16kts

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Farewell Dun Laoghaire

As of today Dun Laoghaire Marina has been home for two months. It’s been nice living dockside despite the 900-plus step distance between the boat and the marina entrance gate. We’ve also been keeping posh boat company, including our celebrity neighbor, sailing yacht Soufriere, a Spirit 54 featured in the latest James Bond movie. Soufriere and our American flag often attract visitors despite the long journey to get to our dock, which is the last row of berths in Ireland’s largest marina.

My captain and I are disappointed by what little we’ve accomplished or experienced off the boat this summer while in Ireland. I know I had a long to-do wish list, but such is life with work commitments and making up for the time at sea it took to get here. On many days working (down below) was easier and welcomed as moisture filled the air and dark skies loomed outside. Everyone assures us that the weather did improve upon our arrival… I believe the best summer day was on Saturday, Sept 15th. The proof was my ability to wear a sleeveless top and shorts most of the day without discomfort and the need for sunscreen. As a friend aptly stated on this treasured day, “It’s even nicer than those other two days of summer we’ve had.”

Since that memorable warm sunny day the weather has declined rapidly with frontal system after frontal system. As the sailing guides wisely recommend, we should be heading south. We’re currently in stand-by mode awaiting a decent weather window for sailing to Portugal.