Thursday, December 20, 2007

Madeira to Caribbean - Day 11

We're tired. The continuing uncomfortable boat motion and lack of sleep has taken a toll on all of us. One of us remains in recovery mode (it's typically at least a 48-hour recovery period) so the other two of us are covering the formal watches. When not tending to sails or on watch, one tries their best to get some sleep but it's easier said then done. As if we weren't feeing cranky enough, the day is ending with a bad discovery. My captain has just discovered a new crack in the gooseneck caused by the excessive flogging of the sails and boom. It's the same situation we had after our light-wind July Atlantic Crossing but the gooseneck has since been hand-delivered to Newport, RI and supposedly "super" repaired. We'll keep a close eye on the crack and try to contain it until it can be repaired, hopefully upon our return to New England in the spring. (The gooseneck holds the boom to the mast.) Day's run 186nm, an average of 7.75kts. Approximately 1060nm - maybe 7 days? - yet to go.

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