Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Madeira to Caribbean - Day 2

Calmer seas made for an easier night. Finally had a pod of dolphins visit us this morning. Otherwise only sightings have been 3 ships, always in the distance. Wind has begun to lighten (10kts), as forecasted, so my captain got that spinnaker feeling. We're flying the all-purpose chute. Day's run 170nm. Only about 2,500nm yet to go...at the current (slow) rate, another 18 days.

I'm proudly getting handy with the intimating convection microwave oven. Yesterday baked chocolate chip muffins for mid-afternoon snack and today a lemon loaf. Thankfully we did manage to get a cooking gas refill in Madeira. But now the sport of baking and broiling with this multi-functional appliance (while the generator is on) has me hooked.

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