Monday, December 24, 2007

Madeira to Caribbean - Day 14

Plagued with light wind from an unfavorable direction, which is increasing our distance and creating more of the painful main sail flogging. Trying to maximize the wind direction and minimize the flogging keeps us busy with sails and has forced us on a southerly course. Where are the trade winds?!? We resorted to using the engine for 3 hours during a period of almost no wind. Where are the dolphins? We remain disappointed and surprised by the lack of sea life sightings. (Only one pod of dolphins, a few flying fish and a couple of sea birds in 14 days.) Our four daily meals - breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon snack and dinner - continue to be the highlights of our day. Sad really, especially now that most of our food is coming from a can. In the evenings we're all getting involved in the celestial navigation and having fun playing with a gadget called a Sky Scout (great family gift) from a company called Celestron. Logged 160nm, a 6.7kt average.

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A Campbell said...

Merry Christmas... look for a Star in the East!
xo, Amy