Thursday, December 13, 2007

Madeira to Caribbean - Day 4

Hard to believe it's only day 4. Feels like more, although each individual day does seem to pass quickly. This day started with decreasing wind and the hoisting of our cruising spinnaker, which 24hrs later is still flying. The day's extra curricular activity was manually winching my captain up the mast (while under sail) to replace the steaming light bulb. He managed to take some interesting bird's-eye photos that I'll share once we reach land and internet access. It was a perfect sunny day, warm but not hot, and the wind never completely died as we feared. The nights have been especially dark due to clouds and no or little moon but this night was clear and spectacular with an amazing amount of falling stars. No traffic or wildlife sightings. Day's run 146nm, average speed 6kts.

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