Thursday, December 20, 2007

Madeira to Caribbean - Day 10

The day started with excitement caused by a fish to reel in - another of the same unknown variety. The Boga Grip that's been taking up space and adding weight has finally come in handy. Spirits dampened as light winds necessitated taking down the sails. We opted to use the engine to help steady the boat from swells, charged the house batteries (verses using the generator) and went in search of wind. Two hours later we found some good wind and were back in business. While the 3m / 9ft waves are allowing the boat to surf and increase our speed, their short intervals and confused state have created an uncomfortable boat motion. The different motion has gotten the better of our visiting crew who's since taken up full-time residency in the center cockpit. He's on the mend though thanks to his determination and the patch behind his ear. Day's run was 178nm, an average of 7.4kts. We now have 1700nm behind us and another 1200nm to go. We're hopeful the back end of the trip will be faster with a few 200nm/days.

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