Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Madeira to Caribbean - Day 16

Because our day (each 24-hour period) starts at noon, today was both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. It was festive considering we're offshore struggling to sail fast and the warm sunshine makes us forget it's December. Trying to keep us in the holiday spirit, I through an impromptu Christmas party. I served appetizers, a platter of sweets and popped a couple of corks. Just between you and me, I think they only came for the food and booze. I know for sure that the holiday cocktail napkins, Christmas music and festive decorations were wasted on them. But we still had fun. It was a beautiful afternoon, slow sailing but easy and comfortable due to following seas, and a magical night with perfect weather, a full moon and progress made in the right direction. The comfortable sea state also made for a good night's sleep. Christmas morning began with breakfast burritos and fresh squeezed orange juice on deck and later we retreated to the shade of down below and opened presents. Actually, they opened presents and I watched. After all, it's about the joy of giving. We logged 151nm and have about 400nm to go. If things hold steady, we've only 3 days / 2 nights more at sea.

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