Saturday, June 30, 2007

Trepassey, NF

Thursday we made our way to Trepassey, which is a sheltered harbour on the southern tip of the Avalon Peninsula (about two hours drive south of St John's). This way, once we get the weather go-ahead to depart for Ireland, we can get through the remaining section of the ice field during daylight hours. In route we had great humpback whale sightings and a seal greeted us upon approach to the harbour. The only downside to the trip was that we again experienced lighter winds than forecasted so we used the engine, thinking we could top up the diesel tanks in Trepassey. (We only hold 100 gallons so every gallon counts and we will be in conservative mode once we set off for "the big passage.") However, since the fish plant closed in the 90's, the town has been diminishing and its amenities with it - no diesel pumps and the diesel truck only comes once a week to directly fill equipment and trawlers and we'd just missed it. Now the closest diesel was over an hour by taxi or a few hours away by boat. After a walk around Trepassey to learn there was no reason to stay, we set sail for St Mary's in search of diesel - and if we're really lucky, maybe a pub too.

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