Friday, June 22, 2007

Shelburne to Halifax - Day 4

Nice day of offshore sailing (and reading!) but the winds continue to be light (7 -14kts) making progress slow. ETA for St John’s is now early next week so in lieu of kidnapping Joseph, our valuable crew member, we arrived in Halifax at 0330hrs to deliver him to the nearest airport. We all got a few hours of sleep and had our first shower in 4.5 days. (It’s not as gross as it sounds because we certainly have not been sweating. We could have showered in Shelburne but deemed refueling, food and sleep more important.) Upon exiting the showers this morning we found the harbour newly engulf in thick fog so we’ll begin Day 5 hanging out at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron waiting for the coastal fog to clear. Forecast is calling for continued light winds for another two days…


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