Sunday, June 17, 2007

North Atlantic Bound

In a few hours my Captain and I (along with one other person) will toss the dock lines for another sailing adventure. This time we are going for a big goal that has been many years in the making. We’re headed back to Canada, but weather permitting, plan to continue on to Ireland. That’s right. We’re headed across “the pond”. Yes, our first Atlantic crossing.


If you’re surprised by this news you’re not alone. Very few have had a hint – mostly potential crew – of our possible departure. Heck even we’re surprised. But for the first time, despite several attempts, everything seems right for making the passage now.


We expect to sail into Halifax, Nova Scotia or St John, Newfoundland (4-6 days) where we will refuel, provision and change crew for the longer passage to Ireland (10-14 days).


As usual, you can follow our whereabouts through Shiptrak at Plus, this time I will try to post blogs via single sideband radio along the way.


1 comment:

A Campbell said...

Wow! Yea! Go for it!
Smooth Sailing Sonya, Paul and crew!