Wednesday, June 27, 2007

St John's, Newfoundland

What a gem this city is! St. John's is said to be the oldest English city in North America, and home to the oldest street, Water Street. Today it is a bustling city with a highly educated work force, hip shops, ethnic restaurants and an incredible music scene. Plus, St. John's has the most bars per capita and George Street (downtown St. John's) has the most bars per square foot in North America – and no, this is not why we came here.

Speaking of bars reminds me to tell you about our approach to St John’s Harbour… it was like being in a giant cocktail glass as there were large ice-cube-like pieces of bergs floating all around us – bits that had broken off bergs still slamming against the nearby rocky shoreline. The narrow entrance is well marked and upon entry you can’t help but know early explorers must have been ecstatic to find this beautifully sheltered harbour.

Event Horizon is tied to a small public dock (about $40 for up to a 5 day stay, and thereafter $6/day) and only a short stroll from the downtown excitement. Our plan is to leave tomorrow taking advantage of the wind direction to work our way back south along the Newfoundland coast as we try to get south of the concentrated iceberg areas. Plus we’re waiting for a more defined 5-day weather forecast before we head offshore. At the moment weather uncertainties are giving us cause to reconsider our departure.

My internet connectivity has been too slow to post photos, but will share some eventually. Now I'm off to enjoy a good ethnic dinner before we set sail and are forced to eat my culinary concoctions.

Fun fact: Newfoundland has a unique North American time zone – half an hour later than Atlantic Time. (1 ½ hrs ahead of Boston)

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A Campbell said...

Sounds like a fun place. Why don't you stay a while!!!!! :)