Sunday, June 10, 2007

Getting Back into the Groove

Returning to my old stomping grounds, mostly Boston and Newport, has felt odd. Yes, it’s great to be back to places and people that I love, but this time my return feels different and the transition has been less smooth. I guess my captain was right, I adopted the island ways quickly and too comfortably. I feel as if I’ve been away for years, not 7 short months. It’s not so much the things around me have changed, it’s more my lack of ability to cope with basic things that were never an issue before. If such a thing exists, I believe my societal immune system has broken down. Most days I am overwhelmed by even small crowds, common noise and too many choices for everything. Is there a remedy?

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Yuri said...

Colleen and I were discussing this once... Especially when you get back to "the real world", this life afloat seems especially unreal. I've long proposed that the life afloat is reality, and that it's everywhere else that is unreal, unrealistic, and unsustainable.
I also agree with walking... after passage, the first thing I want to do is get off the boat whichever it is) and go for a proper long solo walk...