Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shelburne, N.S. - Day 3

We opted to make our first landfall in Shelburne, Nova Scotia to clear customs and refuel. It was a wise call and the experience as positive as when we were here in 2003. We arrived at 1700hrs EST, which turned out to be 1800hrs local time as we are now in the Atlantic time-zone. Due to our time error we feared we'd be confined to the boat all evening but fortunately were able to clear customs by phone. The Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club & Marina gave us the fuel dock for the night (dockage here is only $31.50/day up to 50 feet, plus .50 for each additional foot), catered to our fuel needs despite the pumps being closed for the day, provided us with free wifi, and served up tasty fresh haddock for dinner. As if life wasn't already sweet, we got to sleep in our cozy bunks for 7 continuous blissful hours while rain fell outside. The captain had us up shortly after dawn (5 AST) as the rain stopped and already the sun is starting to shine as we reenter the Atlantic Ocean to begin day 4.

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