Sunday, April 20, 2008

St Martin to Bermuda - Day 5

We spent most of our time watching the Ockam sailing instruments, which I call the boat's entertainment center, with the intensity one might watch a finals sporting event, willing Eve towards the finish line. Overall wind conditions improved allowing us to sail most of the day, get closer to our rhumb line and accomplish 160nm.

During watches my captain spotted a distant ship and a sea bird, and I averted a buoy - not sure if it was for Oceanography or deep-water lobster. One thing I have failed to mention in my daily passage entry is air temperature. With each day my captain and I have needed less sunscreen and with each night watch we've wanted another layer of clothing. A couple of days ago a cold front met up with us requiring the immediate excavation of all cold weather clothing. By last night we were wearing full gear (minus socks) on deck and my captain turned the heat on down below. We didn't expect to experience these cold weather adjustments until after we departed Bermuda. I suspect I'll be doing more blog whining than usual in the next few weeks...

As far out as 110nm we started hearing the familiar voices of Bermuda Radio hailing traffic within 30nm of Bermuda and often guiding boats into St George's Harbour. Soon they'll be talking to us because we've less than 45nm to go.

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