Saturday, April 19, 2008

St Martin to Bermuda - Day 4

Another slow day... We changed from a 100% to a light-weight 135% jib to help with our light wind dilemma but we still needed the engine to move forward on and off during the first sixteen hours. The wind situation improved around midnight with a steady 16kt breeze and for the past 8 hours we have enjoyed making way in the right direction, close hauled. The sea state is gradually decreasing but remains large enough at 5-8ft. Still no sightings, just us surrounded by lots of water. This time last year on the same passage I saw pods of dolphins and whales everyday, especially after dawn. I can't help but wonder why things are so different this year... Day's run was 153nm. We've about 200nm yet to go based on our current point of sail, so if our luck holds we should arrive in Bermuda on Sunday.

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