Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Waiting in Bermuda

We remain in Bermuda waiting for a favorable weather window to return to Rhode Island. We’re not alone. I’ve never seen St George’s Harbour so full of boats, all trying to get north or to Europe for the summer season. My captain and I have been moving Eve around the harbour seeking the best shelter depending on the wind direction. We haven’t been off the boat in over 3 days due to heavy rains and gale force winds, part of which was the wrath of tropical storm Ophelia. Meanwhile boats & ships continue to arrive from the Caribbean with exhausted crew and sometimes with personal injuries or damage to their vessels according to the endless chatter on the VHF radio. (Notice the shredded jib in the photo.)
The winds have finally subsided so I'm needed on deck to lower the dinghy in preparation for going ashore soon for cheeseburgers, news and socializing.

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