Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Exploits Ashore

On our first morning at New England Boatworks (NEB) we awoke to cold rain and extra grateful to be ashore. We spent the day trying to keep warm, cleaning Morgan’s Ghost and stuffing our gear in my old car, which serves as a storage container on wheels. By evening my captain, our Bermudian friend and I headed into downtown Newport for a night on the town and we eventually ended up in the jailhouse. I mean the Jailhouse Inn, a restored 1772 landmark that offers luxury contemporary lodging. For years I have wanted to stay at this inn but always figured it was beyond my budget. At the suggestion of locals, I checked it out and found it less expensive than other places on the outskirts of town I have stayed over the years. I must say it was fun being back in Newport – savoring the superior Guinness at The Fastnet Pub, shopping among the unique boutiques and surrounded by all things nautical, but staying in a nice hotel was the pinnacle of my visit. I got up early to watched VH1 music videos while lounging on a king-size bed covered in silky high-thread-count sheets, read a hot-off-the-press newspaper while sipping freshly brewed coffee and finally, soaked up a hot shower while applying an assortment of complimentary fancy English toiletries. By 10am I was standing on the cobblestones dragging my Bermudian friend to favorite day-time spots along the main drag of Newport. (My captain spent the day at NEB as Morgan’s Ghost was being hauled for some scheduled maintenance.)
By late afternoon my captain picked us up in the storage container on wheels and we headed for Boston. That evening we enjoyed a cozy gathering of the crew and friends at the Washington Square Tavern (owned by our other crew member) where all partook in delicious food, fine wine and lots of laughs. Our final day was spent in Boston accomplishing errands (including new ATM cards) and visiting a few favorite places because we felt obligated (and lucky) to entertain our visiting crew member. On Wednesday morning we three took a Jet Blue direct flight to Bermuda where my captain and I were back aboard Eve by noon. While fun was surely had, it feels good to be home sweet home.

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