Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer's Arrival

Yesterday our guests departed by plane, just before the high winds and thick clouds that hampered our social activities all week finally passed over Bermuda. The change in weather also brought the long awaited good weather window for sailing north so there has been a mass exodus of yachts all day.

Lucky for me, there are three reasons why we have decided not to set sail:
  1. Our friends aboard Schooner Heron recently arrived and their company is always reason to linger.
  2. It looks as though there is another good weather window on Tuesday.
  3. Tomorrow is Bermuda Day (May 24th) and our good Bermudian friends insist we stay for the festivities, including the first Bermuda Fitted Dinghy race of the season, which takes place in St George’s Harbour. You can watch it too on the webcam at

Today is a picture perfect day in Bermuda, as the photo shows. And for a nice change, the weather is warm and the harbour is calm. The same is expected tomorrow for Bermuda Day, one of the most celebrated holidays in Bermuda. It is considered the first day of summer and usually the first day of the year to jump in the ocean. I hope to join in the tradition!

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Yuri said...

Thanks again for the incredible hospitality! Glad to know you've decided to stay for the weekend...