Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Departing BDA

Event Horizon is getting a late start because we have been waiting on a new hatch cover, which is being installed as I type. (Thank you Ocean Sails for your great customer service and excellent canvas work!)

It was nice knowing I could sleep in this morning, but I was up early so I took my favorite walk along the east end of St George’s and also did a bit of beachcombing for sea glass. It’s a gloomy day in Bermuda but the views were still spectacular and the rain held off until after my long walk. Since then the rain has been steady... We are among several boats departing today despite there being no wind this morning and light winds forecasted for the first 12hrs. In the past hour a stiff breeze has arrived so maybe our delay was a good thing.

An interesting fact I want to share is that within 200 miles of Bermuda there are 4 abandoned boats still floating. Alarmingly, two of these vessels may be along our journey’s path. This will keep us wide-eyed and alert during the dark of night!

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