Thursday, July 05, 2007

NF to IRE - Day 3

I might as well be cutting and pasting my blog entries because it's always the same story. Little or no wind. We're trying to keep our spirits high but the slooow progress is taking its toll. (Eating and reading can keep us happily distracted for only so long.) The ice reports showed the ice field had again extended further was starting to appear as if we'd be well on our way to the Azores before we would get around the threat of ice. With the fog lifted, the potential for a moonlit night and our slow speed, we decided to turn left yesterday, heading east across a section of the ice field reportedly fairly free of bergs. We kept an exceptionally diligent watch last night and saw nothing. Day 3 did have its highlights. I went ski-hat-free for a few hours mid-day and for the first time in many nights we saw stars and the moon. The forecast is calling for a low pressure frontal system so wind is on its way.

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