Monday, July 16, 2007

Around The Fastnet - Day 13

The new wind charts, which we receive in the early morning, now reflected what we had already been experiencing, 12-17kts. As the day progressed we were close hauled and eventually on a beat. A few gusts at night put us on the edge of needing a sail change but we managed to avoid it as the winds became lighter before we approached land. We made decent speed throughout the day but the last 100nm seemed to go sooo slooow...

Unfortunately it was dark as we rounded the Fastnet so we stayed well clear of it. (At least I've sailed around it before and got to see it up close.) The Fastnet Rock, a 28 meter high pinnacle with a lighthouse on it, is a famous racing mark and often the first sight of Ireland for any transatlantic sailor, as is was for us.

Fitting that we should reach Ireland before this day ends because it's my Irish captain's 40th birthday.

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