Wednesday, July 04, 2007

NF to IRE - Day 2

No wind. Adrift most of the day. On a good hour we moved 1nm (yes, ONE) in the right direction. The combined torture of not making forward progress and swells that flogged sails and shook the rig made for a long day. The ice field has managed to move further south, extending the distance we need to go to get around it. We'd chance going through the ice field if we could make it during daylight hours but we can't so we continue on the path to sail around it. Around midnight we had enough wind to sail again and are using the 135% jib to maximize the 6-11kt breeze. (At the current rate it will be a 28 day voyage.)

Day 3 - Happy Independence Day! fellow Americans - is off to a slow start but at the moment we are happy to be moving as the wind is gradually dropping. At least the air is not so frigid, the fog has lifted and the sun is trying to squeeze through little breaks in the clouds.

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Anonymous said...

Herro Miss Blog lady, no wind huh, well I've got plenty, sorry you are flogging around going nowhere fast but 4th of July was spent in rain in Newport, soggy fireworks...... Hi to Paul.
Man its coming down, Jesus she is washing my boat, stay well, bakes