Monday, March 10, 2008

Shirley Heights

Going to Shirley Heights is and for a long time has been the thing to do on Sunday’s in Antigua. The view alone is worth the taxi fare. Shirley Heights is positioned above English Harbour and offers views extending past Falmouth Harbour. For $20 EC you can join the party as early as 4 PM. It's fun suitable for all ages and it's a mix of tourists, yachties and locals. Listen to a steel band while you watch the sun go down and eat barbeque. Later dance to another band, often reggae music. The festivities last about 6 hours.

Take caution when consuming the tasty rum punch because they sneak up on you (so I’ve been told). Another word of caution, choose your footwear carefully because the ground is extremely uneven and challenging. Cheers!

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dolcevita said...


I just caught up on your recent entries and I love your blog. What a great way to document all your travels and to share them with so many. The Islands always sound so wonderful-your entries beckon us to fly south.