Thursday, March 06, 2008

Prince Rupert Bay, Dominica

We dropped anchor in Prince Rupert Bay, located in the northeast corner of Dominica (pronounced dom-in-EE-ka). It is considered to be Dominica’s best anchorage and conveniently borders the black (volcanic) sand Purple Turtle Beach and the town of Portsmouth.

We showered our salt encrusted bodies and put on dry clean clothes. Life was good again. We carried our tired bodies back on deck to relax while admiring our lush surroundings. Moments later a sea turtle appeared along side us and our smiles widened.

We were gradually greeted by “boat boys” offering their services or products for sale. I found them helpful, but then I always ask questions as if they are the official tourism board, including “where’s the place to be tonight?” In this case they each had the same reply, “Big Papa’s!” (a popular beachside restaurant) because Wednesday’s reggae night.

By 7pm we were struggling to keep awake so we decided to stay in and give the music a miss. Around 10pm I was woken by incredible reggae music (not my favorite music genre) that made me regret not going in to see the band. The longer I listened the more impressed I became so I tried with all my might to climb out of bed but my body refused. So I lay in bed enjoying the sounds. The next morning most of the other boats departed - they had been in the know and were here for reggae night. Later it was confirmed by Big Papa himself that we had missed a great party and some famous people in the crowd (who were on the mega yacht behind us). But I was relived knowing I hadn’t missed one of the world’s best reggae bands– it had been a DJ!

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