Saturday, March 22, 2008

Green Island Snorkeling

A new discovery for us was an idyllic anchorage in Nonsuch Bay just off Green Island. The clear colorful water protected by a long stretch of reef was a small scale version of the Tobago Cays yet without the crowds. Overall the snorkeling was disappointing due to poor coral and little sea life, but we did see some interesting things. Most memorable was the biggest stingray any of us has ever seen, which I managed to capture with my camera. Unfortunately the photos don’t give you a true sense of the stingray’s size - we estimate its tail was at least 8 feet – nor do they revel any of the spots on the stingray’s back. In the first image the stingray is working up the sand in hopes of hiding from us but it didn’t work and upon our further approach it swam away as shown in the second image. Three days later we read the news headlines about the woman killed by a spotted stingray.

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