Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sint Maarten’s Increased Fees

The dramatic increase in fees on the Dutch side has taken everyone by surprise. This includes an increase in harbor fees payable whether staying inside or outside the lagoon and bridge openings.

Simpson Bay or Simpson Bay Lagoon Harbor Fees
Cost per week or portion of a week for boats is:
$20 USD 8 – 13 meters in length
$40 USD 13 - 18 meters in length
$60 USD 18 - 23 meters in length (and so on)

Vessels Entering the Lagoon
Special openings $1,000 USD.
$10 USD 9 – 12 meters in length
$30 USD 12 – 15 meters in length
$60 USD 15 – 18 meters in length
$120 USD 18 – 22 meters in length
$200 USD 22 – 28 meters in length (and so on)

Additional Fees
Based on tonnage:
Customs clearance fee $2 - $9 USD
Harbor clearance fee $5 - $20

Another change worth mentioning is that the Coast Guard has been enforcing the 5mph speed limit in the lagoon. (Another form of entertainment best viewed from the St Maarten Yacht Club.)

By the way, there are no fees on the French side when staying outside the lagoon and we found the anchorages to be more comfortable.

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