Wednesday, February 27, 2008


On Saturday Feb 23rd we departed Union Island for Grenada (pronounced gre-NAY-da), our furthest Caribbean destination. Steady strong winds made for a fast 45nm passage that took us past the west side of the Grenada Grenadines, then east to avoid the no-sail zone of an underwater volcano. From there we sailed the recommended route along Grenada’s east side before heading west until we reached Prickly Bay. Customs and Immigration are nearby and conveniently cater to visiting yachts.
Grenada, like all the Windward Islands, is volcanic and mountainous with lush vegetation. I know this from what I have read and can see from the boat. Grenada also has good Internet services. We actually have a strong and inexpensive connection ( from the boat so we’ve (sadly) been glued to our computers and other data gadgets since we arrived. We plan to stay at least a couple more days so that we can explore Grenada’s interior, which has been highly recommended to us by sailors and Caribbean natives.

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