Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bridge Openings

A favorite activity of boat enthusiasts is hanging out at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club to watch the bridge openings. (9:00 outbound, 9:30 inbound, 11:00 outbound, 11:30 inbound, 4:30 outbound, 5:30 inbound) The yacht club offers the best view of the parade of boats going in and out of the Simpson Bay Lagoon.

During the yachting high season (December – April) it’s amazing to see so many incredible mega yachts in one place.
This yacht club is unlike most in that anyone and everyone is welcome. It’s especially fun during happy hour (4-5:30) when a cold bottle of beer is just $1. Be sure to get your order in before the bridge reopens for the inbound boats at 5:30 because that signals the end of happy hour.

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