Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Extended Stays in Bermuda

If you plan to visit Bermuda past 21 days, then you must get approval from immigration. Before your 21 days have passed, visit the Bermuda government building at 30 Parliament Street in the city of Hamilton.

Immigration is on the first floor. Please note that applications for extending a visit are only taken between the hours of 9am to noon, Monday - Friday. Applicant must appear in person with a completed application (blue form found along the office wall) and the following documentation:

  • Passport
  • Immigration form (the piece of paper you filled out upon entering Bermuda that they told you to keep with your passport)
  • Plane ticket or proof of ability to repatriate yourself by air should the need arise (such as a credit card statement showing your available credit line)
  • Proof of health insurance accepted by the local authorities
  • In writing (basically a letter) that you will not seek or take up employment in Bermuda

If you are crew on a visiting yacht, then you should also have Customs Clearance documentation (stamped) along with the crew list where your name should appear, and a letter from the vessels captain or owner certifying your outward passage on his or her vessel.

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