Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fishy Surprise

Despite being late August, New England is having some of its warmest summer weather this week. Today it was already so hot by mid-morning that we needed to run the air-conditioning to keep our computers from overheating. Shortly after the boat had started to cool, all of a sudden the air-conditioning system control panel started flashing red “H H H H”, which is notice of overheating, and quickly shut down in safety mode. We couldn’t believe the system picked today of all days to fail!

My captain soon discovered the cause was a blockage in the cooling system. A fish was stuck in the cooling-water intake seacock, which caused a clog and therefore tripped the system. After removal of the fish—sadly not in time to be saved—the seacock was reinstalled and the air-conditioning was back in working order. 

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