Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sanding & Varnishing

Our escape to Maine was partly motivated by a recommendation of having Northeast Boat work on Eve’s teak wood interior. Our timing was good because we caught this crew of professionals between projects and willing to give Eve some attention.

But first my captain and I had to empty Eve. We rented a Budget mini moving truck and spent a day carrying most of her contents and our belongings off the boat and into the back of the truck. We left only enough bedding in a locker to pullout each night. Otherwise we’re living on deck or out of “the truck”, which also serves as our land transport.

Once the boat was empty, including mattresses and many of her fixtures, we taped up all the cabinet holes and vents from the inside to minimize dust collecting.

For four days now an experienced team has been sanding and varnishing Eve's teak interior, gradually transforming her sun-bleached and saltwater abused hatches back to their natural beauty and preserving other areas down below. You wouldn’t believe the dust! Thankfully, the guys use a high-powered vacuum that does a great job. The varnishing work will continue into next week.

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