Friday, July 11, 2008

I'll have to call you later...

I’ve lost count of the number of times I walked into a mobile service provider in June to sign-up for a US plan only to walk away empty handed for one reason or another. In the end, I opted to wait until today, July 11th, for the release of the new Apple iPhone. In the meantime I have visited AT&T stores and read everything online I could about the iPhone so I already have my questions answered and am prepared to make the expensive commitment.

Given the congested shopper traffic at an Apple store on a normal day, I decided to try my luck at AT&T today, especially since I was opening a new mobile account. I did my homework too – I visited my AT&T store of choice (Middletown / Newport, Rhode Island) and confirmed my options, prices and backup plan should they sell out right away. Against my better judgment, I got up early and stood in line (with a good book in hand) before the store opened to ensure I would be able to get the iPhone I want – a 16gig model in white.

I found it odd that the store didn’t open as early as advertised, but was relieved when they finally let a few people through their doors around 9am. About 45-minutes later a store rep came outside to inform us that (despite the one phone per person rule) they were already sold out of the 8gig models and only had ten 16gig remaining. No wonder they didn’t open early – they didn’t have enough phones to sell! They couldn’t have had more than a total of two dozen iPhones because the line had barely budged. Very disappointing. And I really didn’t need another reason to be hesitant about giving AT&T my business.

Disappointing for sure, but what was extremely aggravating was that they waited so long to tell us there were so few phones and then said we could continue standing in line to place an order which would take at least five days. Upon an earlier visit to this store they informed me that should they sell out, I could place an order and receive it the next day. This was why I went to do the queuing up thing…Arrrgh.

I hurried back to my floating home with a new backup plan. I'll order my iPhone online direct from Apple, where I have purchased numerous products without disappointment. Wrong. The iPhone is only available at Apple and AT&T stores. Bummer! Now I’m not sure what I'll do…

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