Saturday, May 19, 2007

Returning to Newport

Yesterday an unexpected good weather window for heading north started to present itself on the 5-day weather charts. Therefore my captain has decided we will depart ahead of schedule. Today St George's village (especially the fuel dock, sail loft and grocery store) is a busy place with sailors quickly preparing to depart as early as this evening (for small or slower boats) and throughout tomorrow morning. We're planning a sunrise departure and a 4.5 day trip that will have us arriving in the Narragansett Bay sometime Thursday, May 24th.

Lucky for all, our guests opted for the comforts of a hotel for their final days, relieving a bit of our guilt for leaving before them. It was a fast paced morning but we are ready to set sail but for now we will go ashore once more to check-out, say our goodbyes and spend the last of our Bermudian money.

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