Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Life in Bermuda is good despite the unusually cool temperatures and news that it has been warmer in New England. Most evenings are painfully chilly because I refuse to wear pants. After all it is springtime. But it’s been impossible to avoid wearing fleece and sometimes a coat. Even my captain has felt the need to turn on the Espar (heat) a few times.

I have been revisiting my favorite places and enjoying Bermuda’s beauty, especially her blue waters. The island is a buzz with tourists, especially from cruise ships. Seasonal businesses and weekly events are in full swing, making the island feel bigger and giving everyone more to explore. The harbour is filled with boats - and often the pubs with sailors - due to numerous poor weather systems that are making it difficult to safely head north. While most sailors are frustrated, I’ve been enjoying their company and making new friends.

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