Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sweethearts of the Caribbean

On Saturday, February 17th I had the honor of crewing aboard Schooner Heron (our friends from Rockport, Maine) in the 29th Annual Sweethearts of the Caribbean Regatta sponsored by the West End Yacht Club. It was a fun race because the lead positions changed often due to frequent changes in wind direction and speed, including a wind hole in the middle of the course allowing the trailing boats to catch up. The last leg had two Alden designs fighting for the lead, the outcome remained uncertain until Heron crossed the finish line a tail feather ahead to receive first place in the annual schooner race. The awards ceremony and continued celebration took place at the Jolly Roger restaurant, which is also the home of the yacht club. You can check out regatta photos at .


Anonymous said...

Hi Sonya,
I wasn't able to get your photos from the Sweethearts' regatta last week but I'll try again on my pc at home. We sailed on Raindancer.What a fun time! I enjoy your writing!

Sonya Boggs said...

Hi Ann. Not sure when you left your kind message. I too noticed the link for the '07 Sweethearts' Regatta photos no longer shows the images. They weren't my photos--I was too busy handling lines to snap any. Hopefully you are surrounded by warm Caribbean water this winter too. Cheers. Sonya