Sunday, February 25, 2007

Night Swim

Time for us to check-out of the BVI, again. This time we decided to ventured further south to explore another island, St Martin. We opted to leave in the early evening which is common, making the ocean passage at night to enable landfall during daylight hours. With easterly winds forecasted it would be a 75nm dead beat to weather, but this is the way my captain likes it (sick, I know) and I was just happy to be going some place new.

South of Virgin Gorda surrounded by darkness we snagged a line of lobster pots. Unable to free ourselves, we were forced to cut the line. The tangled mess required lots of cutting and yet we were still dragging something. Unsure if we had a line dangerously wrapped around the rudder, prop or both, my captain and I looked at each other knowing that one of us needed to get into the water to check things out.

I was not sure which job would be worse, staying aboard to keep the boat de-powered or entering the black water. Knowing my captain is more skilled at man-overboard rescue than me, I donned my snorkeling outfit. My captain accessorized my outfit with an underwater light (so I could see what I was doing and so that he could find me if I got separated from the boat) and a divers knife. I was too busy trying to avoid a concussion from the pounding transom to even think about anything lurking in the water. I found a float on a long line caught between the rudder and the hull, which I eventually cut free, and luckily the prop was fine.

No damage done and the beat goes on…


A Campbell said...

I was reading with bated breath, wondering how it would turn out... whether you would make it... then I realized, you must have made it, as you live to blog about it! Doh! You are a brave woman.
xo, ac
Do you think that's what's REM's Night Swimming is about?
: )

Danika and Sten said...

That sounds like a seriously hairy snorkel. How are you finding St. Martin/St. Maarten?

Cost U Less is the bulk food store. You can reach it by bus, and then will deliver your purchases to Shrimpy's the next day. Excellent prices, just be sure to check the expiry dates.

I was delighted to find a bubble tea place in Philipsburg.

If you tie up your dinghy in the marina just to the left of IWW, you can walk through their complex out to the main road. Take a right and just a short walk down are two excellent groceries. They will drive you back to your dinghy.

The indian restaurant just behind Peg Leg is actually pretty good.