Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gloucester, Massachusetts

We made an early morning departure from Portsmouth, New Hampshire along with this tall ship on its first charter of the day. With less than 5 knots of wind, we were forced to motor the 35nm to Gloucester, Massachusetts where my captain is meeting some old friends. Clear, sunny skies and calm water made for a rare easy day on deck and perfect conditions for reading my book. I’m appropriately reading The Last Fish Tale, “The Fate of the Atlantic and Survival in Gloucester, America’s Oldest Fishing Port and Most Original Town” by Mark Kurlansky. Kurlansky is one of my favorite authors because he artfully weaves history, culture and anecdotes that always result in delightfully interesting non-fiction reads.

Upon arrival to Gloucester we were informed that the inner harbor moorings were taken (we neglected to contact the Gloucester Harbor Master in advance to reserve a mooring, which is recommended) but we were able to get one of several available orange ball visitor moorings off Ten Pound Island in the outer harbor. Rental moorings are $25/night.

Next stop, downtown Boston…

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