Sunday, October 14, 2007

Landfall in Portugal – Day 5

We had a nice uneventful day’s sail before reaching Cascais, Portugal as the sun rose and our 5th day under way ended. We checked-in with reception at Marina de Cascais, just north of Lisbon, who also handled Customs & Immigration procedures. It was surprisingly an easy and pleasant experience, maybe because our last port of call was in another European Union country.

Eve’s comfortably docked in another swanky marina. This sailor is getting spoiled! Now my captain and I are wobbling (literally) around Cascais researching wifi access options.
For those of you wondering about Junior, our latest feathered friend hung out and did numerous fly-bys throughout the morning. But by early afternoon, well rested and fed, Junior left us. I suspect Junior probably jumped ship onto one of the many nearby and faster moving cargo ships as it was a leisurely sail day (146nm) for us.

Our 5 day passage from Crosshaven, Ireland to Cascais, Portugal was 820nm.

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Yuri said...

146 leisurely? Oh, to dream...