Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Down Island

St KittsAfter saying goodbye to BVI on April 1st, we sailed down island for the last days of our Caribbean winter…

First stop, Saint Martin where our good friend Captain Parkins joined us for what would turn into a fast and furious tour of several islands. We began with a day spent on Sint Maarten (Dutch) and the following day in Saint-Martin (French). An early morning departure had us sailing further down island towards Antigua. It was a beautiful sail that brought us close to St Eustatius and St Kitts (photo left). But light winds on our bow made it a longer than expected trip so as the afternoon escaped us, we opted for happy hour and dinner on Nevis Island (photo right).NevisWe arrived after Customs & Immigration had closed but were able to clear-in and out with the police department. We walked the main town of Charlestown and tried our best to hang out with the locals. Then we made our way along the expansive Pinney’s Beach which took us to the famous Sunshine’s beach bar for Killer Bees. We continued our stroll along the beach and enjoyed a beautiful sunset and an alfresco dinner at Mango. Our return to the boat was followed by a customary night swim and an unusually early night as the next day would begin with a 3am departure.

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