Sunday, March 18, 2007

Week of Feasts

Back in Soper's Hole has felt like being home. For days it was a reunion with most of our new friends being around for at least a couple of days as they dropped-off or picked-up quests. Most evenings were, again, spent hanging out in “The Lounge”, the gangs given name to the most heralded of our boat cockpits (spacious with comfy cushions) who’s boat name will remain anonymous to protect, well, to protect us all!

As for the feasting, it all started just after most of the gang had departed. It was one of those rare days when we had a rental car to take us into Road Town. This time we went in at night to experience the famed C&F Restaurant, known for its barbeque. We had heard so much, and one among us had been before to confirm that it did indeed rank among the world’s best barbeque. We all hemmed and hawed as to whether we should get the ribs or the chicken. Maybe a mix of entrees we could all share? But as plates were served around us we all caved and ordered a chicken and rib combo. We had to try both and there would be no sharing. I found the decor island kitschy cool and service like grandmother's house. We waited restlessly like children in church until mounded plates were placed in front of each of us. Then aside from the occasional grunt of pleasure, we ate in silence, at one with our meat. It did not disappoint! We departed all smiles with take-out containers in-hand.

Then trauma struck. The Lounge lost its refrigeration at the start of a long holiday weekend. (Commonwealth Day) Repair service was uncertain and ice would extend the life of the freezer's contents for only so long. Their misfortune was my boon, hence the week of feasts. Anticipated evenings of grilled carnivorous dinners consisting of moist tender chicken breast basted with gourmet sauces or large juicy melt-in-your-mouth strip or tenderloin steaks recently hand delivered from prime US cattle country. It was just cause to unearth our finest bottles of stowed wine and forgo with any side dishes.

We nearly ate its contents before the refrigeration was back to normal, but at least it was fixed in time for The Lounge to wine and dine their scheduled paying charter. So I have gone from feasting to fasting. Is not it supposed to be the other way around?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your delicious words of enjoyment, I relived our days in/on/around the lounge. Since I exist on this here yacht I really only enjoy The Lounge when you and other birds of a feather are aboard otherwise it's just a big ole empty pit to me or strangers are taking it over. The Lounge will return in a few days to accept reservations but I will be take a cooking hiatus that doesn't mean we still can't bask in her glory and sip and tell stories.