Friday, April 07, 2006

Ribs To Go, Please

Provisioned and everything stowed, our weather window looked promising for an early April departure. Then I got thirsty, in the middle of a dark night, and during my quest for water managed to fall on a 5-inch-high doorsill resulting in a mean bruise and couple of cracked ribs. I spent the next few days managing the pain and watching the clock for my next ration of ibuprofen. After months of rough weather and assorted adventures, I managed to hurt myself while the boat was perfectly calm. How embarrassing. I was fortunate to have had the good Dr (in electronics) Kettle on board who carefully monitored my injuries and tended to my every need, and believe me, there were many. By day five, I was able to climb up the hatch, and today (day 6) I was able to get ashore to visit a doctor. Full recovery is 3 to 6 weeks, but the doctor says I am making excellent progress and good to sail whenever I wish. After leaving the hospital we realized the doctor thought I was on a cruise ship. Oh well. As long as I continue my current rate of improved mobility and diminishing pain, a departure next week seems reasonable to me. (I was fearful that I might have to fly home.) So, its time to provision and stow everything again.

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