Monday, January 16, 2006

Bermuda - Day 60

It is day 3 of a Gale Warning. Yes, I am into my third day of being hunkered down in my floating home while gale force winds (30-60 Knots or 35-70 MPH) howl through the rigging and swing me from side to side. I keep reminding myself that most people have to buy expensive tickets for rides like this. Occasionally I get the urge and courage to pop my head up (out of the hatch) into the great wind machine that surrounds me. Then I quickly retreat to the sanity of down below. As if the rocking and swaying is not exciting enough, I have also been visited by intermittent thunderstorms that have warranted keeping equipment and systems-of-comfort turned off for most of this 3 day period. Thank goodness for cell phones, computer batteries, Petzl headlamps and books. The gale force winds are forecasted to ease today becoming light to moderate by tomorrow, as a low pressure moves away. This means that it should be safe to journey ashore tomorrow, wearing my latest badge of courage.

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