Monday, November 28, 2005

Storage Containers

Throughout the past 2 years I have conducted a thorough search for and test of assorted reusable kitchen and galley storage containers in preparation for my life afloat. I was determined to put an end to the surprises commonly found upon opening one of these self-declared best storage containers. I will not bore you with the long list of product brands I purchased (and then donated) but know that some were counter worthy while others were ugly but best sellers. All claimed to be air tight. But what I do want to share with you is how the products were tested (many did not make it past the second test) and that there was only one winner. Yes, only one winner. Back to the testing process.

  1. Container is filled with a measured amount of water. Securely closed and shaken. If it did not leak, it advanced to the next test. To be fair, I tested at least 2 containers of each brand throughout the testing process.
  2. Container is stored in a warm environment for one week, and then its contents measured for evaporation.
  3. Container is filled with spaghetti sauce and then frozen for one week. Afterwards the container is washed for stain resistance with the goal of being free from any stains.
  4. Container is filled with chopped onions for one week. Afterwards the container is washed and then smelled with the goal of being free from any odor.
  5. Container is again filled with water and placed inside a storage area along our boat hull on its side (which typically works wonders at opening anything). The container must endure at least one day of hard sailing without seepage.
  6. Container is filled with flour (without bay leaves) and stored in the trunk of my 15 year-old very leaky car for one year.
  7. Lastly, after one year the flour is tested for creatures (dead or alive) and then the flour is used for multiple favorite recipe baking projects to ensure its preserved quality.

And the winner is (drum roll please) Lock & Lock

Plus these durable containers are stackable and available in all sorts of shapes and sizes sure to maximize any galley space. And while I do not recommend microwaving anything plastic, last month I finally got past my fear of using our inverter (or should I say fear of doing something wrong) and put a container through a microwave test and all went well. I purchased most of my containers direct or at Target but I have also seen Lock & Lock at other mass merchants, which will remain nameless on my blog.

So, start storing.

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